Session Proposals

Jan Kus

The Espruino/ESP8266 Session - AKA How to Hack an e-Paper-Display Hardware Session

I've built a e-Paper-Display which can show if a meeting /conference room is taken or free at a given time. I used this software and a ESP8266 F-12 built with PHP and C++. An Idea could be to try to hack this using I can bring some ESP-Devices and e-Paper-Displays and let's give it a try!

P.S.: I can host this session on Sunday
Jan Kus, 24.01.2019
Jan Bürling

React - Drag and Drop

I've been working a lot on the "react-dnd" module lately and could use the example of a kanban board to introduce it.

Jakob Hilden

React Cologne - Quo Vadis?

Wie soll es 2019 mit der React Cologne Usergroup ( weitergehen?

Wie oft soll die Usergroup stattfinden?

Wie soll das Format sein?

Wir brauchen evtl. eine oder mehrere neue Locations?

Wer möchte mitorganisieren?

Da könnten wir auch gleich über die BonnJS diskutieren. Im Moment sind dort fast alle Leute mit React unterwegs. Außerdem wäre ein Austausch zwischen den Gruppen in Bonn und Köln super! Ist ja nicht so weit. :)
Timo Stollenwerk, 11.01.2019
Jakob Hilden

Living-Styleguide-Driven Development with storybook

Introduction, advantages, real-world experience, and hopefully a lively discussion.

We use styleguidist and I also looked into docz. I'd be super interested in discussing the pros and cons of the different systems.
Timo Stollenwerk, 11.01.2019
Victor Fernandez de Alba


Volto ( is a React-based frontend for content management systems, currently supporting three backend implementations: Plone, Guillotina and a NodeJS reference implementation.

Plone ( is a CMS built on Python with more than 17 years of experience. Plone has very interesting features that are still appealing to developers and users alike as customizable content types, hierarchical URL object traversing and a granular permissions model that allows you to build from simple websites to complex huge intranets. Volto exposes all that features and communicates with Plone via its mature REST API. Volto has the ability of being highly themable and customizable.

Volto also supports other APIs like Guillotina (, a Python resource management system, which is inspired on Plone using the same basic concepts like traversal, content types and permissions model.

Last but not least, it also supports an early Nodejs reference ( API implementation that demos how other systems could also use Volto to display and create content through it.

Timo Stollenwerk


GatsbyJS is a blazing fast site generator based on React. It comes with all the latest performance optimizations included out-of-the-box. In addition, GatsbyJS allows you to use any React component you could think of in the output. There are lots of existing add-ons that allow to query existing CMS solutions such as Wordpress, Drupal, and Plone.

I could give a quick introduction of Gatsby and show some real-world use cases.

Felix Schul

Deploying a React app and where to build

Whoever is challenged with deploying his React app for production and other environments such as "test" or "stage" (or maybe even on Oper feature?) will face questions such as:

- Where do I keep the environment specific configuration, such as the URL of my backend?

- When is the right time and place to run "npm" build (these are closely connected since "npm build" will barcode all environment variables)?

I evaluated the options intensively in a Docker and Kubernetes setup in the last week and would be happy to share my insights and discuss other ideas. If time is left we could look into related DevOps topics such as "Deploying one environment per feature-branch in Kubernetes" (also called "Review apps") and "Test reports and coverage with React".

Timo Mämecke

Keep calm and stay up to date with React

Do you know this feeling: a new hot library comes out and everybody talks about it, but you have no idea what it is, what all the fuss is about, and you're afraid you will miss something?

Keeping track of new features, new patterns and new libraries can be overwhelming. There are a lot of contradicting voices telling you what to do and what not to do.

I could give an introduction with some resources, and we could all share our experiences and how we cope with this information overload.

Tim Fischbach

Concurrent React, Redux and state management

New concepts like concurrent rendering and suspense prompt us to rethink common state management patterns introduced by libraries like Redux. While there are still many unanswered questions, a lot of discussion is already happening in react-redux GitHub issues (i.e. [1]). There's also Andres Clark's Context.write proposal [2] demonstrating alternative approaches to handling component independent state in a way that works with React suspense.

I've been following some of this discussion and could try to come up with a short overview of the main challenges, suggestions and open questions.



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