Barcamp Format

What is it about?

The online BarCamp focusses on methods of historical and civic education and their implementation with digital media. In the current situation of COVID-19 pandamic educators, trainers, teachers etc. are dependent on digital media in order to be able to reach their target group with educational offers. That is why there is a great need to adapt and rethink methods that have proven themselves over many years. 

What is a BarCamp? 

A BarCamp is a special conference, whose programme is developed together with all participants on site. Here, everyone can get involved, present ideas around the topic “(Hi)Storytelling” and benefit from the knowledge of others. 

The workshop sessions will be led by the participants themselves. This means that a wide range of offers is guaranteed. A BarCamp lives from the participants, which means that all participants are welcome to facilitate a workshop session and share their knowledge with the group. The virtual space and work sessions are filled with the thoughts, ideas and knowledge of all participants, so that everyone benefits from the knowledge of others and together a thinking space can grow! The group is the resource in order to collectively create the BarCamp experience.

In short, we need all of you!