Session Proposals

Teambuilding and Energizers in the Virtual Space

I would like to explore the topic of teambuilding and energizers in the virtual environement.

What methods can be used? What analogous activities can be adapted and changed in a way that they fit into an online setting? I know a few activities that I can share and also facilitate in the session so that you directly see how they work. But I would be very interested in discussing the topic very openly, so that we all can bring together our ideas and experiences.

There are undoubtedly several disadvantages compared to "real-life-teambuilding", but the specifics of the online setting can also be used as advantages. The discussion around possibilities and limits of online teambuilding methods is another perspective that I would like to address.

Preferably on Friday(26/06) from 14-15h00
Deleted User, 25.06.2020

Historical education online

Session on the types of historical education online.

Impact of COVID-19 on mental health of young people- a new challenge for educational work?

Hi, I would like to concentrate on the impact of the pandemic on young peoples mental health. In which areas is the impact visible? What kind of challenges does it bring to the educational work in generall? Is there any impact or is it just some impression?

Katja Fausser

eCommemoration: How can we shape future-orientated formats of remembrance?

It did not need the current Covid-19 crisis to experience how the digital revolution is accelerating. How can we continue using the momentum and elaborate new formats for inclusive, participatory cross-border activities to shape public commemoration?

My starting point is the current experience with a commemoration project with 25 young people from 17 countries who presented the results of own research and intense debate about how the Second World War is commemorated in their respective countries in an Instagram Museum (@silentstories1945).

In the session, I want to present some of our learnings and will be interested to get in touch with people who are as well in search of creative contributions to a future-oriented culture of remembrance in the digital age.

I would be more than pleased if this session could take place in the afternoon of 25/6.
Katja Fausser, 23.06.2020

How is the past told to us? On conflicts of memory.

The controversies that currently arises in the US and some Western European countries around monuments depicting former political leaders is an extremely important issue to follow. It says a great deal not only about how much we really know about the past (and thus about the quality of historical education), but also about how we approach commemorating it in public space today.

Therefore, why not consider this situation as an impulse to ask ourselves not only what we are telling about the past - but above all: how we do it?

Must the past (or rather its description and assessment) become another area of conflict?

New Communications Era

Session represents the authors’ understanding of a new communications era that started at exactly the same moment as the pandemic COVID-19. Ms Olha Kolesnyk analyzes phenomena that are taking place right now in the whole world and draws conclusions regarding not only the future of the historical sciences (historical analysis) but also the general trajectory of human development. This development will unequivocally be progressive. The author proposes 2 easy exercises for the participants of the session. The aim of both exercises is to show which skills and abilities are needed for every individual in order to “run at least twice as fast as that” as the Red Queen says in the Alice Through the Looking-Glass novel by Lewis Carroll. Both exercises are easy to carry out and have futuristic motif.

I would like to schedule my session on the first day of the camp as early as possible.
Olha Kolesnyk, 23.06.2020

Guided Tour

Krzyzowa is a small place full of history or histories. Normally we tell about them wandering the place for 90 to 120 minutes - I will try to do it in 20 minutes so that afterwards we will have time to talk about possibilities and limitations of virtual guided tours.

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